What are the general reasons for the pressure relief of a crushing hammer?


Breaking hammer pressure relief refers to the inability of the hammer body to establish sufficient working pressure when using the breaking hammer, resulting in the inability to break materials normally. The following are some common reasons that may cause pressure relief of the crushing hammer:

1. Hydraulic system issue: Leakage in the hydraulic system is one of the main reasons for the pressure relief of the crushing hammer. Leaks may occur in hydraulic pipelines, joints, seals, and other areas. If the hydraulic system cannot maintain sufficient working pressure, the crusher will not function properly.

2. Hydraulic oil problem: Contamination or insufficient hydraulic oil can also lead to pressure relief of the crushing hammer. If there are impurities, moisture, or gases in the hydraulic oil, it will reduce the efficiency of the hydraulic system and lead to pressure relief.

3. Hydraulic valve failure: The hydraulic valve is a key component that controls the flow and pressure of the hydraulic system. If the hydraulic valve malfunctions, such as blockage, wear, or failure, it can cause the hammer to fail to establish sufficient working pressure.

4. Internal failure of the hammer body: Failure of components inside the crushing hammer may also lead to pressure relief. For example, issues such as piston sealing ring wear, cylinder block wear or damage can affect the sealing performance of the hammer body, leading to pressure relief.

5. Hammer wear: The working effect and pressure of the crushing hammer are closely related to the degree of hammer wear. If the hammer is severely worn or loses its normal working shape, it will affect the hitting ability of the hammer body, leading to pressure relief.

To address the above issues, careful inspection and maintenance are required. It is recommended to seek professional maintenance personnel or manufacturers for diagnosis and repair to ensure that the crushing hammer can work normally and provide the expected crushing effect.

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