The sales of crushing hammers surged in the first half of the year


Recently, with the strong recovery of the Chinese construction machinery industry market and the important period of national supply side reform in 2017, Yantai Baitai Heat Treatment seized the opportunity, and the cumulative sales of Macos Crushing Hammer increased by 60% in the first half of 2017 compared to the full year of 2016. The Macos Crushing Hammer is manufactured by Yantai Baitai Heat Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. After multiple structural and durability tests, it produces the highest quality products. Accurate tolerance control, optimized strike piston, and mature heat treatment technology all maximize the performance and efficiency of the crusher, thereby achieving the goal of reducing fuel consumption.

As soon as the Macos Crushing Hammer was launched, it has gained widespread recognition in various regional markets due to its stable product quality, customer-centric service philosophy, and competitive sales prices. The hydraulic crusher industry in China started relatively late, and currently only an average of 10% to 15% of excavators in China are equipped with crushers. With the gradual recovery of China's construction machinery industry this year and the rapid development of the Chinese excavator market, the market demand for hydraulic fracturing hammers as working components of hydraulic excavators has also rapidly increased. It is estimated that within five years, the proportion of Chinese excavators equipped with crushers will reach 30% or even 35%. Therefore, the variety, quality, and quantity of domestic hydraulic crushers are no longer sufficient to meet market demand, and a large number of foreign hydraulic crushers have entered the Chinese market. Among them, South Korea has the highest number of hydraulic crushers.

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