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One of the key components in liquid cooling systems is the quick connector.These quick connectors connect the hoses carrying cooling liquid to the individual servers and central manifolds on the server rack(connected to the central heat exchanger),making it increasingly important to quickly connect because the connectors need to remain connected for a long time,but can be easily disconnected afterwards,and the valves will not fail.When choosing quick connectors for cooling servers and other high-end computers,to ensure their reliability,the following five factors should be taken into account:

1.Consolidate planning and construction

The rapid connector of the liquid cooling system needs to be used and consolidated.It can also be used for low-voltage applications and can be connected for a long time when the demand is disconnected.The pressure drop of the connection should also be very low,which can minimize the throttling effect and reduce the load on the cooling system pump.

Due to its higher durability,some liquid cooling systems use quick couplings for hydraulic professions.However,these connecting sealing rings and built-in valves are not suitable for low-pressure applications,and in these applications,the adapter is required to be connected at once for several months or years.When selecting quick connectors for liquid refrigeration systems,it is important to seek connectors that are specifically designed for low-pressure applications and have a solid structure.

2.Only with'dry disconnect'can

There are two types of built-in valves for the quick break drip free connector,which can automatically block the liquid path when the connector is disconnected.One type of bidirectional valve connector has a planned built-in valve that retains a small amount of liquid at the female end when the connector is disconnected.After the connector is disconnected,this small amount of liquid drips out.Although not many drops may fall-perhaps only one or two drops-it may also pose a safety or reliability risk to electronic products.

3.Simple operation

It is crucial to be able to easily disconnect the server cooling circuit without causing any leakage.Whether it is a thrust type connection or a rotary lock type connection,the valve needs to be reliably closed,and even disconnected after several months or years of connection.On the other hand,the simplicity of operation indicates that the adapter is now color coded,which ensures the connection between heat and cold in the circulating pipeline.The cooling system is equipped with a well planned quick disconnect adapter,which simplifies protection and ensures availability.

4.Elastic sealing ring

The adapter used in liquid cooling applications will be in a connected state for a long time.Once the connection is disconnected and reconnected,it is necessary for the connector to operate flawlessly to ensure that there is no coolant dripping or leaking.Improper planning or manufacturing of sealing rings can create a set of"equipment"that can cause leakage when disconnected.It is also necessary for the sealing ring to be compatible with the coolant to prevent swelling,shortening,cracking,or bending of the sealing ring.In some cases,the adapter may have double sealing rings to enhance the sealing effect and ensure higher reliability.However,double sealing rings can create greater conflicts for the system,and if the planning is not appropriate,it may in turn reduce reliability.

5.Data compatibility

Most plastics and metals are compatible with coolants,such as water ethylene glycol mixtures.However,if your cooling system uses specialized coolant,please ensure that the coolant is compatible with the adapter housing,sealing rings,valves,and hoses.When selecting metal connectors for the cooling system,extra care should be taken.The metal connectors may touch the server chassis,and in the area where they are touched,different metals may cause electrolytic effects and corrosion.

Due to the fact that the products developed from metal ball sleeve hydraulic connectors are not suitable for cooling,it is necessary to carefully verify the compatibility of the data.By using metal connectors specifically designed for liquid cooling,compatibility issues can be prevented.

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