Classification of Crushing Hammer Shells


Breaking Hammer is our company's main product. With a unique aesthetic perspective,exquisite professional skills,and first-class service,we provide you with satisfaction.Below,the editor will introduce the classification of crushing hammer shells.

According to the operation mode,it can be divided into two categories:handheld and airborne;

According to the structure of the valve,it can be divided into two types:internal valve type and external valve type.

According to the classification of working principles,it can be divided into three major categories:fully hydraulic,combined hydraulic and pneumatic,and nitrogen explosion.The combination of liquid and gas relies on hydraulic oil and rear compressed nitrogen gas to expand while pushing the piston to work.Currently,the vast majority of crushers belong to this type of product;

In addition,there are various other classification methods,such as stroke feedback and pressure feedback crushers based on the feedback method;

According to the level of noise,it is divided into low noise type and standard type crushing hammers;

According to the shell form,it can be divided into triangular,tower shaped,and box shaped crushing hammers;

According to the shell structure,hydraulic crushing hammers can be divided into types such as plywood type and box frame type crushers.

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